Rev the engine.

Two entrepreneurs drive the community mindset forward.

A burning passion for motorcycles, married to technological know-how; that was the inspiration for Mark Roebke and Justin Bradshaw to develop the motorcycling app REVER. At its core, it enables—among many features—motorcyclists to record their rides and share them with like-minded souls. The two founders from Colorado, USA, talk about their ambitions and goals.


Вы только что вернулись из поездки на мотоцикле по Новой Зеландии. Как это было?

Марк Робке It was great fun. Мы принимали участие в пятидневном приключенческом ралли и каждый день проходили около 300 километров. Sometimes the roads were asphalt, some were gravel tracks, or singletrack trails. We taught the participants how to navigate with the REVER app.

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Езда на байке с приложением REVER — как это работает?

Джастин Брэдшоу Track, Share, Discover, Navigate, and being a part of a community, these are the app's primary functions. You can use the app to record your rides and share them with friends or members of the community so that they can navigate them, too. The app is intended to inspire riders to discover new routes and destinations. Linking up with friends and communities opens up a lot of new options.

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Самые важные функции приложения Rever.

REVER звучит как вымышленное слово.

Mark Roebke is the Chief Technology Officer/CEO of REVER. He always has his smartphone in his pocket and records every ride.

REVER звучит как вымышленное слово.

JB: It is in fact a real word; in French it can be roughly translated to mean dream and evolve. Нам нравится, как это слово звучит. Конечно, мы не произносим его с французским акцентом. Оно напоминает нам о разгоне двигателя.

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Вы выросли в семье байкеров. Как это было?

Colorado is a paradise for motorcyclists and offers Justin Bradshaw, President of REVER, a huge network of roads and trails.

Вы выросли в семье байкеров. Как это было?

JB: My father, brother, uncle, and my kids—everyone rides motorcycles. Это объединяет нас. We’ve explored parts of our country and the world that we would never have seen otherwise. I rode my motorcycle to school when I was just 15 years old, without a license. Strictly speaking, I had a learner's permit, and my parents let me ride alone.

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Сообщество уже давно нуждается в площадке для взаимодействия и заслуживает ее. »

Джастин Брэдшоу

As a technology startup you don’t mind taking risks?

MR: We have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver. The risk is worth it. I am a tech guy through and through. After college, I worked at Microsoft and saw how big companies think and work. All of this experience I use for REVER. Justin and I have two completely different backgrounds, but we complement each other. And BMW Motorrad trusts us.

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Вы сотрудничаете с BMW Motorrad с 2016 года.

MR: The collaboration was triggered by the forward thinking of the employees at BMW Motorrad. We are proud that such a dynamic and successful brand approached us. We had previously been lacking a visionary partner from within the industry with whom we were able to share our passions, ideas, and experiences. It's great that BMW Motorrad sought us out as a startup and is so open to our ideas.

JB: As it turns out, there is a great deal of overlap between BMW and ourselves; we are all propelling the idea of community forward. Сообщество уже давно нуждается в площадке для взаимодействия и заслуживает ее — там участники смогут объединяться и вдохновлять друг друга. Мы будем продвигать инновационные технологии и способствовать тому, чтобы езда на мотоциклах в целом стала доступней.

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Снова в пути Justin and Mark aren't the only ones using the app; hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists from over 130 countries have downloaded REVER.

Откуда появилась идея этого приложения?

JB: In the past, I made paper maps for motorcyclists. We received requests from customers to produce a digital format. В этом заказе мы увидели возможность создания приложения для сообщества мотоциклистов. Подобные форматы уже были доступны для пеших туристов, велосипедистов и лыжников. But there was nothing like that for motorcyclists. We sensed the opportunity and developed an app that incorporated all the key functions from the motorcyclists’ perspective.

MR: We incorporated our own experiences as motorcyclists in the app’s functionality. Мы ведь ездим на байках почти каждый день и хорошо разбираемся в этом деле. В Колорадо есть так много классных дорог. The region is swarming with asphalt mountain passes, dirt roads, and singletrack trails.

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Always on the throttle: Mark and Justin use it on every ride.

В моей жизни мало вещей, у которых нет руля. »

Марк Робке

Какую роль играет цифровой мотоцикл?

MR: We are collaborating with suppliers in the motorcycle industry on this topic. It will be our challenge and task to design the user interface and connect the various elements into one hub. The goal is for the user to be able to interact with the high-tech vehicle using a single application, instead of operating with four or five different apps.

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Есть ли жизнь без руля?

MR: Everything I have anything to do with needs handlebars: motorcycles, bicycles and snowmobiles. There’s not much in my life that doesn't have handlebars. Мне так нравится. Business becomes much more pleasant and productive if you have passion for what you do.

JB: Motorcycles are my life. Они являются частью моей работы и моей страстью. There is so much connecting me to this subject: places, perspectives, and people.

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Joy is easily found in the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies.

Другие истории, которые могут вас заинтересовать.

Подходящие мотоциклы.